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Typical Cases

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Establishment of the modern drug logistics is the current important task for modern medicine circulation enterprises to meet the need of the society and the future of enterprise survival, development. It’s necessary to follow the government's policy trend and construct modern pharmaceutical logistics, which can solve many problems on enterprise’s survival and development. Modern drug logistics can improve drug availability; solve drug problems of varieties and high throughput; improve the drug storage environment and storage conditions; achieve accurate, real-time inventory control; schedule effectively; reduce inventory, effectively prevent the backlog of goods, expired; reduce the error rate in chosen, distribution; improve customer service satisfaction, so that enterprises can efficient, fast develop.

Shandong Newocean Software Co., Ltd researches and develops of "modern medicine logistics center management platform system" independently. The system adopts advanced automatic control technology (PLC control), intelligent recognition technology (RFID wireless tag technology, WIFI-RFID location query technology, BARCODE technology, RFDC wireless radio frequency technology) and logistics virtual simulation technology (logistics system 3D simulation analysis of SIM, GIS electronic map monitoring), which are combined with modern medical logistics management software. It can help the medicine circulation enterprises to solve the drug distribution warehousing management difficulties, realize medical logistics warehousing high speed, accurate, modern movement.


Modern Medicine Logistics System Introduction

Warehouse management system can be divided into four parts: RF picking system, electronic tag picking system, automated stereoscopic warehouse system and automated conveyor shunt system. The systems above can be independently used or be integrated applied based on specific customer's actual situation.

1、RF picking system

(1) The system is fit for sorting of the fragmented medical commodity.

(2) Application environment: software environment is based on WMS system and bar code management system. Hardware requires handheld RF terminal with sweep code recognition function.

(3) Main application: storage shelves, picking, treasury review, inventory etc.

(4) Typical application process description:

When the reservoir picking data queue has picked up the bill, WMS system alarm, the staff based on RF displayed on the device location information, location to the corresponding shelf, storage, and the space bar code scanning, require confirmation from the location chosen commodity information, according to RF prompted to select a specified number of commodities.

2、Electronic tag picking system

(1) The electronic tag picking system is the logistics support system which is developed by advanced electronic technology and communication technology. It’s used in modern logistics warehousing cargo sorting process with the operating characteristics of high efficiency, low error rate.

(2) Support from application environment: software environment is based on WMS system and WCS control system; hardware requires for digital electronic label, Chinese characters electronic tag, and electronic tags IPC.

(3) Typical application process description:

The label mounted on shelves is corresponding to a location of items. The thing staff needs to do is to indicate to the designated location according to the electronic tag lighted lamp number, then take the same amount of goods from the shelf as the label panel’s quantity display, and place in the turnover box corresponding to the customer’s picking orders, then confirm the Chinese characters label. The goods picking operation is completed.

3、Automated stereoscopic warehouse system

(1)As an important component in the modern logistics, auto-warehouse is a kind of overhead storage system with efficient cargo storage. It mainly consists of top shelf, stacker crane system, storage and delivery system, auto-control and management system. In computer management, stacking machine and warehousing equipment can automatically complete the out of storage operations, and dock with the WMS system. Auto-warehouse is the important means to achieve modernization and automation management.

(2)Stacker crane system

Single-column or double-columns structure, which are stable and reliable;

Adopts various protection devices like run, lift or fork to ensure safe and stable work of stacking machine;

Automatically record and preserve the operation and fault data which can be used for accurate analysis of fault and fault location;

Operation panel function keys are highly integrated. With the use of man-machine dialogue interface, the operation steps and status are clear and easy to understand. Even the first use is without difficulty;

Realize four kinds of control methods, including manual, inching, single automatic and online automatic;

Computer manages the whole warehouse. Inventory is effectively controlled to realize first in-first out (FIFO).

3、Automatic warehouse monitor management system

The main function of the system is to realize optimal allocation, login and control for all inbound and outbound operation. Statistical analysis is applied to deal with the data. Micro-management& control which give a reduction in cost and storage is achievable for the whole storehouse, accelerating turnover of capital.

4、Automated conveyor shunt system

(1) The system is one of the important facilities in modern pharmaceutical logistics distribution warehousing. It is a key factor to improve the efficiency of logistics distribution.

(2) Automatic distribution system operation description: after the receipt of goods, classification is taken fast and accurately in the shortest time according to the product’s varieties, manufacturers, goods or send place. Then these goods are transported to the designated locations (such as the specified shelf, processing area or shipping platform etc.).

(3)Main features

Continuous, large quantities of shunt choose;

Low shunting error rate;

Unmanned operation’s realization in shunt operation.


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