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Typical Cases

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System background:

The large pharmaceutical wholesale enterprise is a professional pharmaceutical distribution enterprise who engaged in various types of medical products, health products, medical equipment, patent medicine, Chinese herbs, Chinese medicinal decoction pieces, chemical medicine preparation, chemical agents, antibiotics, biochemical drugs, biological products, narcotic drugs, psychotropic drugs and toxic drugs for medical use and other wholesale operation. It owns modern pharmaceutical logistics center with an annual turnover of RMB several billion.


System architecture:

The network structure of the corporate headquarters is a star LAN composed of more than 300 computers. It has several dedicated servers such as the master server, financial software server, antivirus server and internet server; foreign company has dozens of computer and independent servers, which is connected with headquarters system through the Internet.


System process

System characteristics:

1、It’s in strict accordance with the GSP certification’s requirements and design on warehouse management link. Double-acceptance mechanism is strictly reflected. The accurate orientation management reduces the warehouse staff’s daily workload, so that the training time for new staff is shortened to take over the storage work quickly.

2、The business unit license is strictly controlled to put an end to operate out of the scope of one’s business activities fundamentally. System will make an alert for various certifications before the expiry of 1 month.

3、System realizes seamless docking with enterprise’s financial software. The payables, sales and receivables data can be transferred into the financial system, which is convenient and quick.

4、Headquarters’ system has full functions. And the branches’ molecular system is simplified. It’s more applicable for their situation.

5、The concept of information platform is introduced. All the basic information is built in the information center (goods, unit, supplier and customer).

6、System designs the functions like boot alert, alarm and process remind, which allows the operator to grasp the work need to carry out and the risk issues in the first time, including the backlog of goods, overdue bill, due and payable and accounts receivable and so on.


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