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Typical Cases

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With the improvement of people's living standard and health care needs’ growing, the pharmaceutical industry has maintained a rapid speed of development. The development of the industry leads to increased competition, which makes enterprise must improve the internal management and operational efficiency. Under this situation, in order to gain more profit space the pharmaceutical enterprises only have to constantly update their management mode and idea, such as own stores or franchises extended from chain store; agents, sale on credit; joint operation and so on. This gradual change on management means has brought new difficulty to management; it also put forward corresponding requirements to the pharmaceutical industry management software. At the same time, the medicine merchandise as a kind of special commodity, any quality problem may arise because the presence of intrinsic or external factors effect in its whole operating and marketing process. So it’s highly necessary to improve the management process and realize scientific management by software. As a new form of market, driven by the mature of procurement, distribution, logistics and other forms of transmission, chain drugstore business ability is shown gradually. Chain network’s convenience and the price advantage from the centralized management make the chain more competitive than traditional institutions. In this operation mode that chain drugstore causes a huge amount of flow data, to achieve chain advantages, it’s necessary to make effort on information data management between headquarter and branches, thus there should be a suitable management system for its own development. So the drugstore chain system upgrade is imminent.


< Pioneer Pharmaceutical Chain Management System >’s implementation process in a medical wholesale chain enterprise

< Pioneer Pharmaceutical Chain Management System > project was put into practice in a medical wholesale chain enterprise by Shandong Newocean Software Co., Ltd.




It’s started in mid may, 2010. We established project group.




From June 2nd, 2010, the enterprise provided with the old system database, we organized research about the database export. To June 10th, old system data was imported into the new system. Project headquarter program began to enter trial operation stage.

From July 7th, 2010, city store installation was started. To September, 2010, all the city store installation was finished. Project store program began to enter operation stage.

From September, 2010, downtown store installation was started. To November, 2010, all the downtown store installation was finished. Project store program began to enter operation stage. The entire project installed is completed.

It’s system tracking time. To December 31st, system had run for half a year without fault. The project was in formalizing acceptance. 

From January 1st, 2011, system entered maintenance stage.


The characteristic of < Pioneer Pharmaceutical Chain Management System >

1、The solution and the system characteristics

The new system, which basis is data management, main line is process management, the goal is risk management and improving the profit, used advanced VPN networking technology, realized the network between headquarters and chain pharmacy. It enhances the enterprise sales, reduces market risk. The system is based on C/S architecture, the use of advanced database management mode makes product structure more advanced.


Business process standardization, automation, avoid in the process of logistics, capital flow, information flow channel length.

(1)  Standardization and automation of business process, which reduces the channel length in process of logistics, capital flow and information flow.

(2)  Sharing of data resources in the headquarters, real time data transmission in stores.

(3)  Controllability: ERP system implementation is the focus on meeting the management demands. This technical agreement’s main emphasis is about the control in business transfer process, which makes management form a control loop, building the feedback mechanism that can be oriented.

(4)  Maneuverability: it’s the basis of integration between management philosophy and computer application technology. Any ideas detached from actual or incongruous with enterprise management status, the quality of personnel and the resources allocation is undesirable.

(5) Improve the communication between departments, which also improves the overall efficiency.

(6)  Strengthen business management, which improves the overall business management level.

(7)  Perfect basic data maintenance work improves the basic data standardization level.

(8)  Strengthen management of batch number, realizing batch tracking.

(9)  Standard statement data sources improve the data accuracy, realizing the data consistency on statements.

(10) High efficiency: system realizes natural or inevitable link of documents in circulation process, which reduced the unnecessary links in transfer process of document.


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