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"Just Goods" is a local agricultural e-commerce platform which is projected to be China's leading B2C food procurement platform. It was founded in 2016 relying on huge livestock products industry and  high-quality agricultural resources.


The platform gathered procurement demands of various consumer groups, integrated quarantine and inspection information. Also, it combined cold chain logistics during whole process and purchased a large quantities of ingredients directly from suppliers. The direct sales provided 5% discount for consumers by cutting all intermediate links. It aimed to help millions of nationwide households do food procurement, shorten the circulation of agricultural products, reduce the cost of business supply chain, and decrease labour forces of supply chain.


At present, the platform supplies meat, vegetables, food, agricultural products, rice, flour, grain, oil, spices, seafood, etc. More than 10,000 members have been registered, and the annual transaction is 200 million yuan.


We’ll carefully build the brand image of "Just Goods", meanwhile, implement standards of product, inspection, distribution, acceptance and service strictly. Every detail of the whole process is controlled elaborately from planting fields to dining table, thereby, the platform provides nationwide consumers with products and services which are safe, convenient and affordable.


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