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Food Safety Traceability System

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Food circulation traceability system includes a traceability management data platform and six acquisition subsystems, which covers whole process of production, circulation and consumption. The system applies grid management on six categories of enterprises -- large slaughtering enterprises, vegetables production and sale docking enterprises, supermarkets, food markets, wholesale markets and group purchasing units.


The system strictly adhere to the overall idea of "controlling production from source, controlling quality from processing , controlling circulation from wholesale, and controlling access from retail" in order to build a informational platform with reliable information, efficient operation, clear responsibility, easy operation, and shared information.


Meanwhile, "traceability in one code" facilitate the public to check the traceability information of food. Unqualified food are located and recalled timely, which contribute to managing quality inspection links through food circulation process. Receipts of food can be queried, and food’s origin and destination can be traced. Furthermore, the long-term mechanism which combines government public services, industry self-discipline and consumer supervision is strengthened. Also, food safety assurance capability of circulation industry is enhanced.



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