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Smart Logistics System

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    Logistics System Project Management Platform is an integrated solution, which we try our best to build a set of application in the logistics industry. It is an integrated intelligent management platform includes park management、business management、electronic commerce、storage management、intelligent transportation、tracing and other functions. Based on cloud computing technology, the platform uses the Internet RFID technology、two-dimensional code recognition technology、intelligence logistics technology and intelligent software technology to the implementation of control of the whole process links like logistics information、commodity information、cargo information and park management、enterprise management、warehousing management、transportation management.
    (1) Supply chain management system
    We build supply chain one-stop service platform from purchasing to sale, which integrate all the resources from Internal and external、up-and down stream of enterprises. According to the personalized needs of enterprises, we would provide the supply chain service solution which could be used to coordinate business transaction between supplier, customer and enterprises with higher treatment efficiency and lower operating costs.
    (2)  CRM Customer Relationship ManagementSystem (CRM)
    CRM can be divided into three aspects: the informatization of business process in sales、marketing and customer service. Based on this system, we can Integrate multi-resources of enterprises which include human resource、customer resource、sales management、project development、office work Coordination、product Information、financial Information、e-commerce、call management and so on. CRM can greatly improve work efficiency, reduce internal office cost of enterprises, extend marketing coverage and innovate enterprises sales management mode.
    (3)  Enterprise Operation Management System(EMOS)
    EMOS is the core of enterprises management, which covers all the link of Enterprise daily operation. It include accounting receivable management(sales payment、cash collection、sales invoice entry),payable management(advance management、purchase invoice entry、purchasing payment、prepaid management and so on), expenses management(cost report、expense reimbursement、cost statistics). EMOS can greatly improve business level and competitiveness of enterprises through the process management of three main clue(purchase、stock-in、sale)and branch clue(price、quality、evaluation、warning),which use advanced operational management thought to build modern enterprises management regulation.
    (4) Warehouse Management System(WMS)
    The WMS applied to logistics center is the modern warehouse management system with comprehensive application of the Internet of things technology and automatic control technology. Through the automatic distribution of goods shelves、automatic navigation、intelligent addressable、hand-held terminal picking、automatic conveying in single、RFID sense database and check function, it realize the intelligent storage and retrieval management in logistics center.
    (5) E-commerce System
    This system aims to approve e-commerce activity of enterprises, which make customer as a core to design and form a set of marketing system through eight points: goods、prices、member、promotion、customer service、payment、logistics、 spread. System management support、decision support、payment interface and foundation framework these four aspects can support the whole marketing system, which guarantee the healthy operation of e-commerce. It greatly improve enterprise informationization level and provides computer system to enterprises business intelligence.
    (6) Business Intelligence System (BIS)
    BIS is the database and decision analysis centre of whole platform, which contains Data warehouse、Multi-dimensional analysis、Data mining, KPI Performance appraisal management four aspects. It can analyse and mining business data from multi-mode and multi-aspects. According to these analyses, enterprises can evaluate business sitution and staff work situation in qualitative and quantitative ways, which provide useful data support for operating decisions.
    (7) Human Resource Management System (HRMS)
    It integates modern human resource management concepts and management practice, aiming at improving organization management ability and strategy implementation ability. HRMS integrate personnel administration、human resource planning、salary management、cadre appointment and removal、human workflow management as one system, which include multi-functions (organization、personnel、document、contract、salary、insurance、recruitment、training). It can provide multi back-up plans for different situations, special case, rules, regulation, and also support cross boundaries office & online process, which fully meet the requirements of human resource and make sure that enterprises can efficiently recruit,develop,and utilize staffs.
    (8) Budget Management System
    Budget Management System contains 9 functions: basic data set、expense budget management、purchase budget management、sales budget management、acquisition of assets budget management, others budget management, budget statement analysis and system management. Based on this system, enterprises can extract and compare all the budget and executive data at any time. Every cost of the enterprises are clear which reduce the operation budget. After making operation budget, it could use different ways to guild the executive cost to meet original budget and make operation plan for next year. BMS can use the fund of enterprises more reasonable and maximize the funds utilization efficiency, which can keep the best beneficial economic cycle.


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