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“Pioneer” Medicine Management Software

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The flow of information through the management philosophy that drives business flow, the entire business process purchasing, receiving, warehousing, sales, billing, shipping, accounts shall be put to link organic combination, after a part of the process is complete, the system through the internal mail management took over the work automatically alert the next link.
  By GSP standards throughout the business process systems business scope, licenses were valid control, and quality of information throughout the record, but can be uploaded through a dedicated interface to the pharmaceutical sector, to fully meet the GSP management requirements.
  Powerful membership card functions. Members consumer can enjoy member price, and the corresponding points, certain points can enjoy rebates, giveaways or sweepstakes and other preferential treatment, and there are members of birthday reminders and other intimate functions; has headquarters unified control and self-control are two ways the stores for business flexibility choice.
  Flexible store management. Depending chain management concept, the system has a centralized and decentralized control modes to choose from. Under the authoritarian way, the retail price, sales price, Member pricing are attributed to the headquarters, to facilitate the overall control; under decentralized way, in part attributed to the store pricing, ease of store operations.
  Timely and accurate transmission of information. Entire business process automation, exchange data over the network, timely and accurate transmission of information, while achieving paperless, improve office efficiency and quality.
  Advanced product lines management. From sales accounting, gross margin, inventory turns, factory support and other aspects of the commodity comprehensive assessment to determine the product lines positioned to use different policies for different positioning of merchandise, and continue to filter out marketable, high profits, turnover is quick, the manufacturers policy good variety, out of those small business contribution varieties, and gradually optimize product structure management, improve the core competitiveness of enterprises.

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