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“Rui-Feng” Classified Information System

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1、product overview
    Accented term information management system mobile telephone APP, entire space-time progresses in order the project director provides the timely , penetrating the information investing in policy and project condition, have realized scientification with investment of project supervisory service , have molten in time, convenient-rization, "one machine is in hand , entire area under self's jurisdiction accented term information is grasping at the furthest end of" , the science administration serves the messenger project director energy especially in composing out within the shortest time making policy. 
    Owe APP system the reality basing self on investment project job, with depth anastomosing mobile telephone moving network technological superiority of interconnection, from innovative the frame designing a train of thought , perfecting a function , optimization aspect such as showing effect , making rubbings from exhibition usage range ask the new to be realistic, the means driving administration is faced concise, the fad displacement terminal direction develops , APP is made becoming "dictionary with investment of sum project scientification administration". 
2, the platform features
    System function: ten focus engineering, and ten focus tablets district, and ten focus Park, and ten focus platform, and hundreds of focus project, and day scheduling project, and province focus construction project, and sent modified investment system, and real-time monitoring, and province "Twelve-Five" planning project, and investment had billion yuan project, and major strategy reserves project, and focus merchants promotion project, and ten focus engineering designed reported, and major project briefing, and policy information, and you concern of project, and views feedback, and automatically update, 20 a function module.
    Project administration: "40,100", having saved a key construction project , have invested in hundred million projects and so on contains entire area under self's jurisdiction accented term, use post shape picture and the project listing form unfold, project listing has shown with photograph + characters way , the photograph has been a currently up to the minute image of project rate of progress , characters has introduced fundamental information such as owing the project construction condition , total investment , building a character. 
    Platform handle a project: Rely on the platform investing in hot line service, to channels such as entering , docking the system working together , planning reserve , modern estate by the hot line to cultivate bring into the project carries out tracking service. 
    Geographical feature information: In order penetrating , more all-round acquaintance satisfies area under self's jurisdiction accented term location, have carried out mark on the accented term by integrated geographic information system, have reinforced administration with investment of project by key project and the government further. 
    Real time monitor: Area expands for the distribution resolving entire area under self's jurisdiction accented term , in time accurate acquaintance concrete conditions degree of difficulty is big problem, with integrated mobile telephone of accented term information management system APP moving Internet advantage, by the fact that Gao Qing who builds scene installation in the project inserts image machine, real time being in progress to project construction condition monitor, and can realize 360 degree of nothing dead angle monitoring a project progressing condition. 
    Three, success stories
    Weifang key project management office
    Weifang high-tech zone by the bureau

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    Songyang:.18866708786   songyang@neoceansoft.com

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