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1、product overview
    System adopt B/S structure , with the support of Internet , displacement Internet technology, centering on the stream engine working , take leader , undertaker as service marriage partner, rapid and intense be tied in wedlock anxiously expects institution handling official business the business characteristic, have the function is perfect , the function is stable , safety is reliable wait for a characteristic , realize various information resources's immediately shared , cooperate and work , raise working efficiency much better , help to lead information and development having every aspect in hand all round in time, for lead provide nimble safe high-effect conductor controller means. 
2, the overall structure
3, the platform features
    Building an internal communication platform to facilitate internal communication Building-up anxiously expects internal institution communication system , make the information exchange anxiously expecting inside of institution rapid unobstructed. Can realize administration managing a tier between the tier , between the employee, with the direct dialogue between the employee, directness breaking tier of level communicate with, gain the information being related to acquaintance job in time. 
    Workflow automation and improve work efficiency
  Have realized collecting an outgoing document ,assuming instructions , document administration , archives administration , form for report delivery , convention notice and so on anxiously expecting the institution inner outside adopt an electron without exception draft, pass round for perusal, examine and approve, electronization circulation way such as countersigning , signing and issuing , filing, every branch's job , all automations accomplish within bringing the information share function into play coming to harmonize an unit. This cuts down the middle complicated link working not only, at the same time greatly have decreased by artificial time , immense have improved availability. 
    Leadership ability, to keep abreast of progress
    The supervisory control strengthening a leader is managed , is strengthens the control force managing a tier to organization , job schedule condition having monitor every branch , each personnel of effect in time. Real time, control the duty , project rate of progress charging every branch all-round , accurate , discover a problem in time in time solve, cut down error thereby , prevent the low effect from handling official business. 
    Aided cooperative Office management to minimise problems
The job having resolved and anxiously expecting institution day-to-day affairs's is rapid and intense various being linked together assists the administration problem cooperating and handle official business , for instance, convention manages , assets manages , financial control , information administration , business administration wait, by the fact that OA system has realized the automation administration, prevent from appear to manage various problem such as being hit by misreporting appearing , being conflicting artificially. 
    Strictly uniform Office specification, realization of orders
The official document turnover, is various the module examining and approving business being able to plan an engine by the fact that "official document administration " waits to unite standard business comes to handle , standard and fixed structure carries out strictly according to handling official business. All links , all administration take notes , can at any time whole journey inquiry, avoid the phenomenon delaying , shuffling mutually appears to work. 
    Implementing distributed Office, expanding office space
Concentrating having reformed tradition the office handling official business way , the area having expanded handling official business, city everywhere, even, each corners of world pass Internet , move Internet realization handling official business at any time in may be at home even,greatly convenient employee going out on business communicates with information in external handling official business. 
    Establish an information publishing platform, share information
Lieu building a effective information announcing sum exchange in the inside of unit , for instance electronic announcement , electronic forum , e-Media, use internal rules and regulations , bulletin , technical exchange , announcement item etc. , are able to make information get broad propagation between anxiously expecting the internal employee of institution, making an employee dynamic being able to know to anxiously expect development of institution , studying the special field technical ability and so on. 
    Set up information integration platform, data effective docking
Has been in existence in the modern enterprise MIS system, ERP system, finance system and other business data stored in enterprise management, plays an key role in the operation of enterprises, but they are relatively independent, static, collaborative office system has the function of data interface, can the enterprise existing business system data integration to the workflow system, make the enterprise staff for processing information effectively, improve the overall response rate.
    Document data electronic management, safe and convenient
But make the document , data (including the various document , knowledge information) of all kinds be able to push down the means carrying out convenient seeking preserving , enjoying one with usage, and having within the power of. That the document administration automates makes various document realization electronization , take care of by the fact that electron filing cabinet form realizes a document's, carry out usage and the share according to extent of authority. 
    Save on Office costs, environmental protection Office
    Electronize with the tradition paper office procedure whole journey, especially long distance call , fax , the cost duplicating , printing and handling official business with, nothing paper spends real realization handling official business, handle official business now that lessening anxiously expects institution cost, have responded to green environmental protection new era handle official business the concept, is to anxiously expect institution realizing the modernized sign of administration. 
    Mobile office, omnipotent
    Move an interconnection , take moving a terminal as carrier , any time , any place , any equipment, convenience and rapidity , safety and high-effect may handle official business by moving handle official business , protruding relaxed obvious equipment displacement. 

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