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Integrated management of business operations cloud platform

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The system is to help enterprises with advanced information technology as a means of information gathering, sorting, processing, transmission, storage and use of the process, the process of enterprise information activities in strategic planning, information activities, elements of planning, organizing leadership and control of the decision-making process, and strive to efficient allocation of resources, shared management, coordinated operation, with minimal consumption create the greatest benefits. Specifically, a tube human, financial, material, while integrating purchasing, inventory, financial management, enterprise integration service in an integrated management system, through the establishment of a unified management of the data center, enterprise data assets can be converted into enterprise information resources for all levels of decision-making and management companies to provide services, data center built around various professional applications. Enterprise operations management system involves internal office management, manufacturing operations management, customer management, warehousing and distribution management, etc., contain specific CRM, HRM, OA, ERP, WMS, TMS and other systems. Simple and effective solution to the human, financial, and management of the most common things of SMEs, to help companies establish a set of simple management mode, with a very small investment in a short time in order to create significant benefits can be calculated.

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